The pro-immigration Brussels bureaucracy and organisations financed by George Soros are doing everything they can to change Hungary’s stringent immigration measures, the Minister of State for International Communication and Relations stressed on the government’s Facebook account on Thursday.

Zoltán Kovács recalled that on Wednesday Vera Jourová – one of the Vice Presidents of the European Commission – said the last question of the latest national consultation concerning migration is not true.

By contrast, the truth is that since 2018 the fundamental principle of the so-called first safe country has been part of the Hungarian Fundamental Law which means that persons who arrive in Hungary from a safe country are not entitled to submit asylum applications, Mr Kovács said.

He indicated that also at present the Commission is conducting three infringement procedures against Hungary, the goal of which is perfectly clear: they are seeking to loosen and to change Hungary’s stringent immigration policy and measures.

This would have the consequence of having to change the above-mentioned part of the Fundamental Law, he added, stressing that “it is our duty to draw the Hungarian people’s attention to this, and to seek their opinion, and also their guidance”.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)