The government has adopted the decisions necessary to keep the epidemic under control in order to protect people’s lives and health, whilst ensuring that the country need not go into lockdown, the Government Spokesperson stressed on the Thursday evening programme of the public service television news channel M1.

Alexandra Szentkirályi said the vaccine against the flu is another important element of the fight against the virus which will be available free of charge not only for those over 65 and suffering from chronic diseases, but for everyone. Around 40,000 health care workers and 9,000 social workers have already been vaccinated, while from the middle of the month everyone can request the vaccine from their general practitioners, she added.

The Government Spokesperson also said on Wednesday the government discussed the pay rise proposal of the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors. The government regards this as a basis for further negotiations; however, no final decision has been adopted yet.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister / MTI)