On Monday the delivery of the questionnaires of the national consultation started, the Government Spokesperson announced on Facebook.

In a video message posted on the government’s social media account, Alexandra Szentkirályi said the government had consulted members of the public about important questions concerning their lives several times in the past. The purpose of the latest consultation is “to create points of understanding” about the fight against the epidemic and the restarting of the economy.

“We mustn’t forget that in the first half of 2020 the coronavirus pandemic brought about an unprecedented challenge for all countries around the globe. We Hungarians combined forces, the government adopted the necessary measures in good time, and so we managed to halt the epidemic,” she stressed.

She added that in the national consultation the government is also asking people about the measures related to a possible second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, the restarting of the economy, George Soros’s perpetual bond plan and immigration.

Ms. Szentkirályi said it is especially important at this time that as many people state their opinions as possible.

The questionnaires which will be delivered to households by post can be returned free of charge by 15 August, while it will also be possible to complete them online, the Government Spokesperson said.


(MTI/Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister)