The government has launched a call for proposals so that as many event technicians can stay within their profession as possible, the Government Spokesperson announced in a Governmentinfo Plus information video posted on her social media account on Sunday.

Alexandra Szentkirályi stressed that the coronavirus epidemic had badly affected a number of sectors, including the pop music and event sectors. Therefore, a call for proposals worth HUF 450 million has been launched specifically targeting event technicians. Applications can be submitted up to 15 October; details of the call for proposals are already available on the website of the National Institute for Culture, she said.

She added that in addition to warehouse concerts – which also provide help for technical staff – another call for proposals has been published for smaller clubs. The grants available as part of the call for proposals can be used both for the organisation of musical and cultural events and infrastructure developments. From 1 October, a total allocation worth one and a half billion forints will be available in three categories: clubs with a capacity of less than 500 persons, clubs with a capacity of more than 500 persons and clubs beyond the borders are eligible to submit proposals.

Ms. Szentkirályi said it likewise serves the fight against the coronavirus epidemic that from the second half of October the vaccine against the flu will be available free of charge for everyone. Symptoms of the flu and coronavirus infection can be similar, and therefore if someone falls ill, but was given the vaccine against the flu before, it may help doctors with setting up a diagnosis. The Government Spokesperson also spoke about the credit debt repayment moratorium, the introduction of which was one of the first decisions at the beginning of the epidemic. Next year, the availability of the extended moratorium will depend on the co-debtor and family status as well as on the features of the given product; details have yet to be finalised, she said.

She highlighted that from 2021 the tax for small businesses will decrease to eleven per cent, while the revenue limit will increase to three billion forints. As a result, more businesses will be able to opt for this taxation category. Additionally, administrative burdens will decrease; from the second half of 2021, the tax authority will prepare the draft VAT tax returns for all businesses, and in consequence almost half a million companies will be relieved of this burden, she pointed out.

She also said if a child is healthy, they can be taken to creche or nursery school. She added that the National Centre for Public Health is asking institutions to make every effort to maintain the normal mode of operation children are used to despite the current disease control regulations.

The Government Spokesperson informed members of the public about the status of the programme ‘Let’s clean the country’ which was launched to eliminate illegal waste disposal sites as part of the climate and nature conservation action plan.

She stressed that the goal is to support the establishment of further collection points and waste disposal sites in settlements as well as door-to-door house clearance services in addition to rewarding environmentally aware practices.

She also recalled that the government will start the reintegration of the 13th monthly pension despite the coronavirus epidemic.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)