In addition to the epidemic situation, the government will also take into consideration criteria relating to the restarting of the economy when deciding about the St. Stephen’s Day celebrations marking the foundation of the state, Government Spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi said on the public service television news channel M1 on Thursday evening.

She said it is to be hoped that the epidemic situation will allow the organisation of events marking the anniversary of the foundation of the state. However, she added, the government will also have to consider when making a final decision that – from the viewpoint of the restarting of the economy – the organisation of events could help in sectors such as the music industry, the services sector and event organisation which have been very badly affected in recent weeks.

When there is an option to hold 20 August events lasting for several days in county-ranked cities and in Budapest, it is a major opportunity that cannot be ignored, she added.

The government spokesperson also highlighted that while Hungary had conducted a successful fight against the epidemic, we cannot rule out the return of the coronavirus epidemic in the autumn.

The government would like to prepare for a possible second wave with the most effective measures available; however, in order for measures to be effective, we also need the people’s cooperation, Ms. Szentkirályi stressed.

She added that they observed that people were more prepared to comply with measures which they agreed with. Therefore, in the national consultation they are also asking members of the people about how they rate the effectiveness of the government’s various decisions. Additionally, the national consultation also contains questions about the restarting of the economy.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)