Health care is fully prepared and all equipment is available during the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, the Government Spokesperson said on Kossuth Radio’s programme ‘Good morning, Hungary’ on Monday.

Alexandra Szentkirályi said the Hungarian epidemic situation is following international trends; as in Hungary, the number of infections has also risen abroad, and this is what we should expect in the coming weeks as well.

She added that during the first wave the country fought well against the virus, and we managed to prepare health care for the second wave. As a result, all personnel and technical conditions are available.

“If anyone needs therapy or hospitalisation, the Hungarian health care system will be able to cope with that,” Ms. Szentkirályi stressed.

We must concentrate on the containment of the virus under any circumstances, the Government Spokesperson added, as long as there is no vaccine against the virus. The allocation of resources forms an important part of this; at present, there are 40 hospitals where coronavirus patients are being treated, but if necessary, further hospitals can be mobilised for the treatment of cases of coronavirus infection.

Physicians and nurses are also needed to run these institutions, and they may well have to be transferred from one hospital to another. At present, this affects around 1 per cent of health care workers, Ms. Szentkirályi highlighted.

She also said in the context of the “unprecedented” pay rise of physicians and the elimination of gratuities, the government has implemented the proposal of the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors. At the same time, they have yet to create another 18 decrees which will also be worded in agreement with the Chamber of Doctors.

She added that, according to plans, they will discuss the new rules concerning general practitioners in consultation with the Chamber of Doctors this week. The establishment of practice partnerships will form part of this.

(Cainet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)