The Hungarian Villages Programme launched in 2018 helps people to stay in villages and to make life in villages better and more liveable, Government Spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi said in a video message sent to the Hungarian news agency MTI on Tuesday.

In the video message, Government Commissioner for the Development of Modern Settlements Alpár Gyopáros highlighted that last year they had designated 16 target grant areas in the calls for proposals sub-programme. More than ten thousand applications have been received as part of this sub-programme, and more than five thousand proposals have been awarded, he added.

On Tuesday, the government commissioner visited three small settlements near Pápa, Pápateszér, Bakonybél and Nagygyimót. In the settlements, as part of the programme, nursery school yards have been refurbished, pavements have been built and community spaces have been created, he pointed out.

Mayor of Bakonybél Zoltán Márkus said last year the village submitted ten applications, two of which were awarded. One of the awarded proposals related to the procurement of medical equipment, while the other one to the refurbishment of the yard of the local nursery school, he said.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister / MTI)