Hunting tourism is a major revenue-generating branch of the tourism industry, Government Commissioner for the organisation of the ‘One With Nature – World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition’ and related events Zoltán Kovács told public service media outlets at the inauguration ceremony of the Tapolca memorial forest.

Mr Kovács added that the pandemic had shown how vulnerable tourism was, and it was an important task to restart it now.

The government commissioner said the 2021 World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition is being organised under the motto ‘One With Nature’. The event will seek to take stock of the relationship between man and nature and between hunting and nature 50 years after the 1971 Budapest World Hunting Expo. They will attempt to showcase that hunting is the most responsible and most sustainable form of nature and game management.

Without this, elements of daily life such as food production and taking care of the environment, nature and forests would not be possible, he highlighted, adding that this is why they have decided to create a symbolic one-hectare memorial forest in all 22 state forest parks. This is part of the planting of more than 550 hectares of new forests. “With this, we will slowly reach the pre-Trianon percentage, and forests will account for more than one quarter of Hungary’s territory,” Mr Kovács pointed out.