As the launch of the nest box mounting programme of the One with Nature World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, 3,500 nest boxes and 350 bird feeders are being mounted throughout the country, the government commissioner responsible for the implementation of the exhibition said on Tuesday in Nagymaros.

At the Nagymaros Kittenberg House, Zoltán Kovács said the programme will be implemented throughout the country with the participation of state forestry entities, the Chamber of Hunters and national parks.

With the programme, they are seeking to draw attention to the more minute details of nature, including small birds which have ever less natural shelter at their disposal, he said, adding that they would like to reach out to local communities and to find the right places for the nest boxes and bird feeders with the involvement of young people.

Government Spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi said the organisers of the exhibition to be held next year are investing major resources in ensuring that the path leading to the event should have elements that address future generations and help to shape mentality.

She added that programmes such as this seek to draw attention to how precious nature that surrounds us is, how important it is to preserve it, and how much we can all do for this also at a local level.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)