As part of the national consultation, the government is also expecting people’s opinions about the so-called perpetual bonds initiated by George Soros, the Minister of State for International Communication and Relations stated on Wednesday.

Zoltán Kovács highlighted that the coronavirus epidemic also has grave economic consequences, and in Brussels debates on ideas about an economic and financial package that could counter these effects are already well under way.

On this issue, George Soros himself published his proposals relating to the issuance of so-called perpetual bonds, he recalled. The essence of these proposals is that countries, Member States and Brussels would issue bonds on which interest should be paid effectively perpetually.

“We have had the opportunity to get used to the fact that if George Soros is lobbying for something, sooner or later it will appear on the tables of Brussels decision-makers and will become a concrete proposal,” he said.

He added that the problem with this is not only that no one asked George Soros to do anything of the kind – in particular, he was not elected to concern himself with this issue – but that by giving this proposal the go-ahead the economic and financial foundations of future generations would be exhausted prematurely.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)