Minister of State for Land Affairs Márton Bitay invited Croatian Deputy Minister for Forestry, Hunting and Logging Renata Ojurović to an informal discussion on the opening day of FeHoVa, the International Exhibition for Fishing, Hunting and Arms.

During their talks, Mr. Bitay underlined that the Ministry wants to tighten relations with neighbouring countries, Croatia included, within the field of hunting and forestry. He explained that, due to climate change, Hungary is in need of all kinds of knowledge relating to the propagation materials of our forests and tree species, since the resilience of the latter has acquired extraordinary importance. Given the climate of Croatia, we can rely on the knowledge and afforestation experience of Croatian foresters and other experts, the Minister of State stressed.

The Croatian Deputy Minister was open to the idea of information exchange and assured the Minister of State that she will share all available knowledge with the Hungarian colleagues.

During the conversation, Mr. Bitay also touched on the organisation of the 2021 World Hunting Exhibition, in which according to plan the countries of the region, including Croatia, will play a determining role.

(AM Press Office)