“We have a great responsibility, through our Hungaricums, to ensure that we can preserve for posterity the special characteristics of excellence that have been handed down from century to century”, Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas said at the opening of the Hungaricums photo exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Minister emphasised that the Hungaricum Act had been unanimously adopted by Hungarian Parliament, after which the Hungaricum movement soon gained strength through the so-called national treasure pyramid consisting of local treasure depositories, the Hungarian Treasure Depository and the Hungaricum Collection, which together serve the preservation of Hungary’s unique national treasures.

The photo exhibition, which was organised at the initiative of EP Vice President Dr. Ildikó Gáll Pelcz, showcases the 45 exceptional national treasures that have so far gained entry to the Hungaricum Collection. The Ministry of Agriculture, represented by Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Development and Hungaricums István Loránd Szakáli, was also involved in preparations for the exhibition.

Following the opening ceremony, Minister Fazekas attended a session of the Hungarian section of the European People’s Party, after which he held bilateral talks with MEPs Norbert Erdős and György Hölvényi on the subject of EU current affairs and primarily GMO crops.

(Ministry of Agriculture)