Deputy State Secretary for International Relations Zsolt Belánszky-Demkó from the Ministry of Agriculture has proposed the establishment of a network of agricultural advisors and model farms in Africa with Hungary’s involvement. Mr. Belánszky-Demkó held talks with Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo, President of the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), in Rome.

“Hungary aims to bring agricultural assistance to places where it is needed in developing countries, including the African continent. By training farmers and developing their farms, Hungary can contribute to food safety”, the Deputy State Secretary explained. Speaking about the targeted utilisation of the funding, Mr. Belánszky-Demkó noted that Hungary contributes most to the IFAD from among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The IFAD is an organisation that provides funding for the modernisation of the agricultural sectors of beneficiary countries. The entity focuses on agriculture and rural development, with projects in developing countries that primarily support small and family farms.

While in Rome, Mr. Belánszky-Demkó also attended the 42nd meeting of the Governing Council of the IFAD, which supports agricultural innovation.

(Press Office of the Agriculture Ministry)