A diverse range of fun and interesting programmes await those interested in experience nature within the framework of Hungarian National Parks Week 2014 from 13-22 June.

The City of Tata and the surrounding area will be hosting the opening weekend of the event on June 13-15. The organiser of this year’s event is the Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate, Tat City Council and the Tata and Environs Tourism Association.

A professional conference entitled “Partnership in Ecotourism” will be held on Friday, 13 June. On the weekend of the 14th and 15th visitors will be able to enjoy a so-called “Green Cavalcade” in the city’s English Park. Hungary’s national parks and nature parks will be showcased, visitors will have a chance to try out the work of local craftsmen and win beautiful and useful gifts on nature knowledge quizzes. As a supplementary programme, anyone interested may take part in a free tour of the city’s officially protected areas with a professional guide. The diversity of the tours available are also an indication of the wide range of venues and activities that Hungarian ecotourism has to offer to those who would like to become spend active leisure time in a natural environment. During the course of the “bird watching” tour, visitors can become familiar with the notoriously rich bird wildlife of the Old Lake in Tata, in addition to which visitors will be able to cycle around the lake, the goal of which, apart from spending leisure time in an active way, is to enable people to watch and get to know the animal and plant species that live on, in and around the lake. Guided tours will also present the city’s constructed and landscape heritage, including for instance a lecture on the history of the city’s water mills.

The event will provide opportunities to gain knew knowledge and experience and to have fun and refreshment in a unique natural environment, before returning home all the richer as a result.
The programme will also be made more colourful by concerts and folk dance performances for both young and old, organised within the framework of the Tata Cavalcade folk art festival.

Later in the week, from 16-22 June, all of Hungary’s national parks will be providing a wide range of programmes, exciting adventure tours and family programmes on both land, sea and air to all nature lovers either free of charge or with significant discounts.

(Ministry of Agriculture)