In recent years, there has been a continuous increase in the demand for Hungarian food products in the country’s shops: the ratio of Hungarian products on the market was 75% in 2010, and this has now grown to 80 percent, the Minister of Agriculture said today.

Speaking on M1 national television’s Ma Reggel (‘This Morning’) programme, Sándor Fazekas explained that increasing demand is supported by the existence of some 3000-3500 trademarked Hungarian products and the advertising of domestically produced foods, including the launch of several campaigns to promote handmade and quality foods and unique Hungarian products known as Hungaricums.

The market has mirrored these efforts, he added. Minister Fazekas pointed out that all sectors of agriculture have achieved growth, in addition to which the number of people in employment within the food industry has also increased.

People are spending most of the excess money they have available as a result of the government-aided foreign currency loan bailout and the reduction in utility charges on food and are especially looking for Hungarian products, he said, adding that the development of legislation on Hungarian products, which designate various groups and help consumers find domestic products on the market, also plays an important role. Mr Fazekas also explained that the ratio of imports remains high with respect to a few products such as cheese, yoghurt, pork and certain vegetables, in relation to which there is still work to do but added that in the meantime, exports have also increased markedly.

(Ministry of Agriculture)