The Ministry of Agriculture published three new calls for tenders of a total budget of around HUF 63 billion based on available rural development funding. The tenders are aimed at supporting food processing and wine-making, organic farming and the restructuring of the small ruminant dairy industry. Organic farmers may count on another call for tenders of HUF 12 billion under the recently announced calls. Subsidy decisions had already been made in this field in 2016, when the Managing Authority awarded support totalling HUF 62 billion to some 2200 applications.

The Ministry allocated around HUF 680 million to animal welfare support accompanying the restructuring of the small ruminant diary industry. Under both rural development tenders, farmers may submit their applications from 01 December 2018.
The Ministry of Agriculture published another application with a budget of HUF 50 billion for food industry and wine-making, to promote the effective execution of investments to process agricultural products. Under rural development tenders announced earlier, the Managing Authority had already granted funding of around HUF 150 billion businesspeople in the industry.
Applications to the new food industrial tender of the Rural Development Program may be submitted from 2 January 2019.

(Ministry of Agriculture Press Office)