“The basic objective of Hungary’s upcoming Digital Agricultural Strategy is that farmers should learn and take advantage of new technologies in their daily work. For this reason, education and knowledge transfer will be of paramount importance in the coming years”, State Secretary for Agriculture Zsolt Feldman, said in Kecskemét.

Speaking at an event organised by the AgroFIELD Academy, Mr. Feldman explained that the Government intends to create conditions that support precision farming to minimise the drain on the environment, soil and water. Besides the procurement of new technologies, it is also important to obtain the knowledge required for the use and effective utilisation of these technologies in secondary and tertiary education, and in adult education. To that end, the Ministry and the National Chamber of Agriculture are preparing to introduce a Digital Agricultural Academy that will provide tailor-made knowledge to farmers, with varied methods and content depending on the target group.

Besides providing training and knowledge transfer, and striving for equal digital opportunities, the Government also intends to support the establishment of model farms that demonstrate precision farming practices. Practical experience in the application of technology is indispensable for the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of farms, and to achieve cost reduction.

According to the State Secretary, it is obvious that new technologies are useful to most Hungarian farmers regardless of business size, and that the investment in such technologies produces a return. However, for long-term effectiveness it is also indispensable to obtain the knowledge required for operating these technologies. Mr. Feldman added that the Government plans to introduce projects and funding schemes to promote innovation as well as the effective use and development of digital technologies after 2020. The ultimate goal is to create a broad platform of funding options for Hungary’s agriculture.

(MTI / Press Office of the Agriculture Ministry)