Staff members of the Cyber Crime Division of the National Bureau for Investigations, Rapid Response Police Unit identified the youtuber whose video blog first featured the completely unfounded rumour that the Operational Group was preparing to lock down the capital.

The uploader, Levente Szabolcs J. was apprehended by the police. They conducted a search at his home in Budapest, and in addition to computer equipment, they seized 5.64 grams of suspected narcotic plant derivatives. Investigators interrogated Levente Szabolcs J. due to the suspected commission of the endangerment of public security. Levente Szabolcs J. admitted to uploading the content in question.

The thirty-year-old man completed secondary school, and is presently working in a Budapest hotel as security guard.

The Operational Group cautions everyone to exercise self-restraint and to act responsibly. Members of the public should only follow the guidelines of the authorities, and inform themselves from trustworthy sources.

(Ministry of Interior/MTI)