In reaction to fraction leaders’ replies to his address in Parliament on Monday, Viktor Orbán said that the Cabinet is absolutely opposed to “forced resettlement” and cross-border migrant returns: “as long as this government has breath in its body, there will be no quotas, and there will be no cross-border migrant returns from other countries”.

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Referring to a comment from the Socialist Party (MSZP) that those responsible for terrorism are the terrorists, he said that the sentence does not stand up on its own, because of course the terrorists are responsible for committing acts of terrorism, but “we are responsible for protecting ourselves”.

Mr. Orbán added that we must ask the question – calmly and with moderation – whether the leaders of Europe have done everything conceivably possible to protect the security of the European people, even though otherwise they are not responsible for the terrorist acts.

(The Prime Minister's Office)